About Us

RG Legal is a full-service law firm with offices in India’s key business centres in New Delhi and Kolkata and is also closely connected with various international law firms which  expand the firm’s ability to serve Clients in international jurisdiction2 such as in Europe and North America. The firm works on spherical organizational structure for the same allows for an agile and dynamic team to work closely together which in turn generates the maximum advantage for the Clients.

Understanding the needs of a growing and competitive legal market, the firm has continually strived to offer the best and most responsible counsel and service to its clients. A relentless focus on knowledge management, effective client communication and relationship management has enabled RG Legal to carve a niche for itself in the legal world. Our experienced partners form the surface working directly with clients and they are fully supported by a close team of associates, Network, administrative staff, and management. The success of RG Legal is a result of its focus on every client, irrespective of its size or status.

Through its attention to clients’ individual needs and personalized legal protection strategic development, the firm serves a diverse client base in multiple countries around the world. Among the firm’s clientele are companies that develop mobile apps, investment bankers, fast moving consumer goods’ manufacturers, hotels and restaurants, advertising companies, pharmaceutical companies and many more, rice traders etc. The firm takes pride in its ability to fall in affection with the clients’ business and advise them accordingly.

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